Useful websites and apps

NHS SmokeFree Logo

NHS SmokeFree

The NHS SmokeFree website is the national portal for stop-smoking advice and support.

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Smoke Free Formula Logo

SmokeFree Formula

This is a book for smokers that explains how best to stop and provides a way of creating a personalise quit plan.

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Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Logo

Action on Smoking and Health

The ASH website is a goldmine of information about smoking and policies to promote stopping.

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SF28 (Smoke Free 28) Logo

Smoke Free 28

SF28 allows you to set yourself a goal of being totally smoke-free for 28 days as a spring board to stopping for good. It charts your progress and provides useful tips to help you along the way.

Smoke Free App Logo

Smoke Free

SmokeFree is one of the world's most popular stop-smoking apps. It shows your progress moment by moment and sets you missions to help you achieve your goal of stopping smoking.